All Golf Instruction is led by PGA Head Golf Professional, Scott Nugent.

Email: scottn@amesgolfcc.comGolf Shop Phone: (515) 232-9470


Playing your best golf requires much more than perfecting your golf swing. Mastery of your own game requires practice on the technical, mental and physical side of the game. It is much more important for my students to develop a functional golf swing than it is for them to achieve perfect form.  As an instructor, it is my job to simply complex information and deliver my message in a way that is easy to understand.

Everything I teach revolves around the goal to making my students ball flight more repeatable and predictable. When working with a student on their golf swings, I spend most of my time focused on creating proper impact and working on a motion that gives you the best chance to repeat a solid impact position.

I don’t simply teach my students how to hit a golf ball, I coach you on how to play the game of golf, helping my players develop an understanding of the difference between skill and technique. Having a mechanically sound golf swing does not guarantee success as a golfer. I work on helping each of my players develop the skills necessary to hit a variety of different shots, from different lines, with different clubs, and in different weather conditions.

Club Fitting:
Having properly fit equipment is often on of the quickest ways to improve your scores.  In addition to regularly scheduled fitting days, throughout the season, the Golf Staff has access to fitting carts/equipment to help you get fit, at any point throughout the season.  During Club Fittings, we will use a Flight Scope launch monitor to help optimize your Launch and Spin characteristics and find your perfect fit.

AGCC Junior Golf:
Ames Golf & Country Club has a variety of programs designed to help get your Junior Golfer hooked on the game.  All instruction is provided in a FUN, positive, productive, and safe environment.  Programs include the AGCC Junior Golf Academy, Junior Elite Program, After School Clinics, PGA Junior League, LPGA/USGA Girls Golf. 

Throughout the season, Scott will offer numerous opportunities to improve your wedge play and putting. Topics will include distance wedges (30-100 yards), finesse wedges (Under 30 yards), wedge fittings and putting clinics. 

Individual Lessons: $80/Hour
Junior Lessons: $50/hour

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